How Do I Register My Samples to Obtain an IGSN?

Obtaining IGSNs for your samples is easy:


  1. Become a SESAR user
    • Go to GeoPass and sign up for an account.
    • Select your 'user code' (a combination of three letters and numbers that each of your IGSNs will start with).
  2. Login to MySESAR with your GeoPass ID and password.
  3. Submit sample metadata to SESAR.
    • 'Register Single Sample': Enter metadata into a web form one sample at a time, or
    • 'Register Multiple Samples': Upload metadata for multiple samples in a customized SESAR spreadsheet form (a tool is available on-line to generate this spreadsheet form).
  4. SESAR will generate the IGSNs for your samples. You can also create your IGSNs using your unique user code.


Go to HELP for more information.