Web Services for Interoperability


SESAR's web services enable seamless communication (interoperability) with remote client systems. SESAR offers web services for remote clients to register samples and obtain IGSN’s as well as retrieve metadata about samples, thus eliminating the need for users to access SESAR directly.


SESAR provides several REST web services.


The end point to use is: https://app.geosamples.org/webservices
The test end point is: https://sesardev.geosamples.org/webservices


  1. Sample registration web service: allows the user to register sample by uploading XML file.
  2. Validate user credential and get user codes web service (new version v2): allows the user to validate login and password and provides the list of user code if valid.
  3. IGSN list web service for a specific user code:  provides a list of IGSN according to user code.
  4. IGSN list web service for a geospatial polygon:  provides a list of IGSN according to geospatial region.
  5. IGSN list web service for a specific field program: provides a list of IGSN according to field program.
  6. Sample Profile Get web service for IGSN (New feature added): provides the user sample information according to IGSN.
  7. Sample Profile Update web service (New): allows the user to update sample profile by uploading XML file.


For more information, please visit the IEDA web services page or its technical API documentation.


Currently, web services are used for sample registration or update by the GEOCHRON data system, Smithsonian Institution, etc.


If you are interested in establishing interoperability with SESAR, please contact info@geosamples.org.