SESAR 6.4 Beta Released

Mar 2016. SESAR version 6.4 beta is released, which includes many new features and improvements. Some highlights:


  • You can now assign permissions to others to view, edit, and/or register sample metadata on your behalf. This substantial new functionality is described in more detail here.
  • You can now contact the owner of a sample by selecting the option at the bottom of each public sample profile.
  • SESAR samples can now be discovered through the IEDA Data Browser. Once a user selects samples of interest, he/she can click "Explore", which will take the user to the SESAR catalog to further define search criteria.
  • A new sample metadata update web service now exists for updating sample metadata in bulk programmatically.


Read all of the improvements at the SESAR Release Notes page.


If you have any questions or comments about the new features, please contact