SESAR 7.0.0 Released

Jul 2017. SESAR version 7.0.0 is released, which includes many new features and improvements. Some highlights:

  • Users may now update sample metadata for existing samples in bulk by uploading a batch template, a method that is very similar to the initial batch registration mechanism. Check out this tutorial about the new functionality.
  • Users can now assign IGSNs of up to 32 characters in length (A-Z, 0-9, '-', '.'). The new syntax follows recommendations of the IGSN e.V. at The extended syntax is primarily intended for use by large repositories, where it may be necessary to use hierarchical syntax conventions. However, in consideration of human readability as well as the fact that the IGSN will appear on-line and in print, the IGSN e.V. recommends that the IGSN should be as concise as possible. If you are considering assigning IGSNs to your samples that are longer than 9 characters, please contact to discuss.
  • Users can now specify Elevation Unit when registering samples (must be either feet, meters, miles, or kilometers).


Read all of the improvements at the SESAR Release Notes page.

If you have any questions or comments about the new features, please contact