March 2023

In December 2022, we announced that starting January 2023, IGSN minting and resolution will be supported by DataCite infrastructure. Over the two major phases of this transition, first, new IGSNs are allocated on the DataCite DOI infrastructure. Secondly, all existing IGSNs are to be re-registered in the DataCite DOI infrastructure.

The first phase took effect in January, with new sample registrations getting assigned IGSNs with the SESAR repository prefix 10.58052 followed by the suffix. 

These new IGSNs now resolve to their sample landing pages through and are referenced as:


SESAR is ready to begin phase two, the re-registration of samples cataloged in SESAR to the DataCite infrastructure. Re-registrations will begin this month and be completed by March 31st. There is limited impact on users during this time as current services, including sample updates, will continue to be supported. 

We will notify our users with more information once the re-registrations are completed.

Please get in touch with us with any questions or concerns at