SESAR provides three methods for registering samples: Individual Sample Registration, Batch Registration and registration using our Web Services.  Before registering your samples, you must create a SESAR account.  See our Resources for Researchers and Resources for Institutions for more information on creating an account.

Individual Sample Registration

Through the Individual Batch Registration method, SESAR users are able to register samples one at a time through an online form. This method of sample registration is best for when you have few samples that you would like to register.

To Individually Register a sample:

  1. Login to MySESAR
  2. Click the “Register an individual sample” link under the “Registration” header on the home page.
  3. Follow the prompts to fill in the sample’s metadata in the sample registration forms. Once complete, click ‘Submit to SESAR’.

Batch Registration

Through the Batch Registration method, SESAR users are able to register multiple samples at once by uploading a sample batch registration template.  It also provides additional quality checks as submissions are reviewed by SESAR curators. To create a Batch Registration template see this tutorial.

To upload a batch template:

  1. Login to MySESAR
  2. Click “Upload my batch samples” under the “Registration” header on the home page.
  3. Upload your Batch Registration template, complete the automated validation check, and submit it.

After submission, your sample metadata will be reviewed by a SESAR curator. SESAR curators review template contents for accuracy (is your location information in the right format?) and completeness (one row had a blank field, was that in error?). Once your submission has been approved, you will receive an email confirmation along with your completed Batch file. If there are any changes that need to be made to your template a SESAR curator will contact you.

Web Services Registration

SESAR provides Web Services as a way for user client programs to register and update samples within the SESAR system. Starting in July 2021, new users must request access to SESAR’s Web Services. Documentation for Web service sample registration and management can be found in our technical documentation (SESAR GitHub).