July 2014

IGSNs are going to change syntax from a 3 digit namespace to a 5 digit namespace (user code), starting with IE (For IEDA, Integrated Earth Data Applications, the facility that oversees SESAR²). This change will accommodate the expansion of IGSN, through the IGSN e.V., to more allocating agents around the world.

A new user will still choose a 3-digit alphanumeric namespace (user code), for example ABC, and their IGSNs will be of the form: IEABC0001, where the first 5 digits are the full namespace and the last 4 digits are alphanumeric. This will give users 36^4 possible IGSNs, or over 1.5 million IGSNs.

This change will not affect existing IGSNs or namespaces (user codes), but will change all namespaces (user codes) and IGSNs allocated by SESAR² in the future.

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