April 2014

Online papers in Science Direct link directly to sample metadata profiles in SESAR, making all of the metadata about the sample quickly available. When submitting a paper to Elsevier, tables with column headers “IGSN” or text with the prefix “IGSN:” will be identified and linked directly to geosamples.org. For more information please see the International Geo Sample Number section in Elsevier’s Guide for Authors.


See examples:

From the Elsevier news item:

We are delighted to highlight the ongoing cooperation with IEDA by announcing the first published papers with linked International Geo Sample Numbers (IGSN). Take a look at Table 2 of this Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta paper where you can click on specific IGSN numbers and be taken directly to the sample profile held in the SESAR sample metadata catalog at geosamples.org. By setting up links between databases and published papers, data is more accessible and discoverable, which benefits all researchers in the field.