* Controlled list

If the object type for a sample is Individual Sample or Experimental Specimen, users may elect to enter a sub-object type.

Individual Sample

  • Bead Bead pressed from a powder.
  • Chemical Fraction- Parts of a parent sample separated chemically.
  • Cube- Equidimensional prism of material.
  • Culture- Biological material cultured in geological material.
  • Cylinder- Cylinders of material.
  • Gas- A gaseous material.
  • Liquid- A liquid material.
  • Mechanical Fraction- Parts of a parent sample separated mechanically.
  • Powder- Fine-grained (<62 micron), dry, granular material.
  • Slab- Rectangular prism of material where one dimension is significantly shorter than the others.
  • Smear- A toothpick sample suspended in liquid and fixed on slide.
  • Specimen- Material of any shape or form selected for specific characteristics of interest.
  • Squeeze Cake- Solid fraction remaining after forced expulsion of interstitial fluids from a source sample; typically has the shape of a cylindrical disc.
  • Thin Section- A sub-millimeter thick slice of material mounted on a glass slide.
  • Toothpick- Minute amount of material taken for observation.
  • Wedge- Sample form factor named for the tool used to extract it. Typically 5-20 ml in volume.

Experimental Specimen

  • Thin Section
  • Other